Random Thoughts

20 ans de peinture à l’huile
Peindre pour vivre
Pensées Aléatoires
Un récit écrit et dessiné de ma vie de tous les jours. Retrouver l’extrarodinaire dans l’ordinaire. L’instant qui touche le cœur et les tripes, qui donne l’inspiration nécessaire à la créativité.
De reprendre là où j’ai arrêté enfant.
La beauté banale du quotidien

20 years of oil painting
Painting to live
Random Thoughts
A written and drawn recording of my day to day. Retrieving the extraordinary from the ordinary. The moment that hits the heart and the gut and gives one that inspirational high, necessary to creativity.
Picking up where I left off as a child.
The beautiful banality of everyday.

Sunday 16th July 2017
Lavender with their frail blue buds. Inside cotton liberty sachets, in my underwear drawer. A smell bought back from a place I hadn’t yet been to. Warmer. Exotic even. Places you dream of when you are small have infinite appearances and potential.
Like hell can they be exotic.